Business and the challenge of letting go

One of my biggest frustrations in the boothing business is when someone sends us an inquiry but then never responds to our emails. I get the inquiry and am excited about the potential booking.  I send over the proposal knowing we can make the event awesome.  Then I hear nothing........  So I send over a follow up email.  Nothing......  So I send another email and another and another.  Crickets......  Why won't they respond??  They contacted me and I was a good business owner and responded right away.  What am I doing wrong?  The answer is probably nothing.  However, the bigger issue was revealed to me last night as I read Donald Miller's book "Storybrand."  In the book Miller says "the day we stop losing sleep over the success of our business and start losing sleep over the success of our customers is the day our business will start growing again."  Its an easy mistake to make especially since its been a slower than normal year for us.  My desire to grow my business became more important than my desire to serve the client.  When that happens every unanswered email and "lost" client increases my anxiety and frustration.  In reality if a potential client doesn't want to email me back, do I really want them as a client?  Probably not.  This is a good reminder that all I can do is put my best foot forward and let go of the results. For me putting my best foot forward means slowing down and learning more about what the client really wants.  Self evaluation is great, but for me it can turn into that voice that says "you're not good enough."  In that moment I need to remember the truth and LET IT GO.  In the meantime, email me back damnit!!!!!!



Your boothers

and bloggers

Welcome to the Wisconsin Photo Booth Company blog.  Here you can read about the trials and tribulations of being a married couple and being photo boothers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  First about us!  My name is Brian and my better half is Jenny. We have been married for almost seven years and have two awesome children, Isaac and Emma.  To say that we never thought of, or even heard of a photo booth five years ago would be the understatement of the year.  However one day a friend of ours who owned some booths in Chicago asked us to do an event in Milwaukee.  We said yes and the boothing journey began. Thinking back on those first events I'm amazed we made it.  Everything was DIY.  We built the booth ourselves along with the camera box.  The camera we used always had trouble connecting and really didn't take pictures that well.  The printer we used was ink!  I used to fill the cartridges myself to save money.  People who would come to our house probably thought I was on drugs with all the needles that were laying around!  Not only that but we had to cut our own strips.  Combine that with paper jams while a huge line of guests waited, times were stressful.  Thankfully technology solved a lot of those problems.  So why do we booth?  I'm a bit of a technology and camera nerd so I really enjoy coming up with ways to make the boothing experience the best it can be.  I want the pictures to look good.  Like studio quality good.  If people are surprised how good a photo booth picture can look then I'm happy.  I also enjoy going to all of the different venues in the Milwaukee area.  I've seen so many places I never knew existed.  Jenny on the other hand is more of the people person.  She enjoys talking with prospective clients and learning all about their story and desires for the event.  If you call us, Jenny is the one you'll be talking to.  She is also queen of the props.  You better not walk off with a prop because if Jenny is there, you will be hunted down.  She also creates all of the layouts we use and does a fantastic job.  She enjoys meeting new people at events and making sure everyone has a great time. 

We look forward to sharing stories and pictures from events as well as tidbits about what to do and what not to do as a small business owner.  Since I tend to be more of a "trial by fire" kind of guy, my posts will probably be more about what not to do :)  Thanks for reading!